Monday, December 10, 2007

Nancy Graves

Nancy Graves: The Pilchuck Series Leslie Sacks Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA USA United States of America

This exhibition, Nancy Graves: The Pilchuck Series at Leslie Sacks through November 19, 2007, features 7 works from the Pilchuck Series, executed in 1992. The complete list of plant material utilized in the series is as follows: alder, baby's breath, baneberry, blackberry, black-cap raspberry, black-eyed Susan, cedar, cosmos, dahlia, daisy, deer fern, Douglas fir, elderberry, forget-me-not, goldenrod, huckleberry, horsetail, larkspur, lemon lily, lupine, pansy, Scotch broom, sword fern, thistle, tiger lily, yarrow. - Read Indepth Article at

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